How to Enter your Signal Reports or QSO log Entries for 630 Meters or Field Day

You DO NOT have to be a member of the WD2XSH group to enter a reception report for any station operating on 600 Meters.

Reception reports are welcome for ANY 600-meter station - not just WD2XSH stations.

Multiple reports on the same station on different dates and times are encouraged as they allow us to see that communication is repeatable.

If your web browser is set to remember form data, then you will not have to re-type everything the next time you enter a report for the same station.

Please type this address into a new window in your web browser to get to the data entry page, then follow the directions.

This helps prevent spammers from entering bogus entries into the database.

After you type this into your web browser the first time, add it to your FAVORITES list so you won't have to come back to this page again the next time you want to enter a reception report!

NOTE: If you are filing signal reports on this web site, please remember that multiple signal reports on the same station are welcome. Reports that a station can be heard in the same location day after day allows us to determine that we can communicate over a given path reliably. Thank you!