Station WF9XIH on 500 KHz

Brian Justin, WA1ZMS/4
22 DEC 2011

W F 9 X I H

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This picture shows top to bottom: MOPA Exciter MOPA Power supply of death! <--- as my wife calls it. (But it's only 700VDC) Hafler 9505 amp with balun box on top of it Right of that is W1VD style LPF then Bird wattmeter. Tuner not shown is across the room on the operating desk Not also shown is 12" fan behind Hafler amp to keep it cool.

A better view of the Exciter.

160m dipole with 4 inch ladder line feed going to switch box and balun and loading coil on side of house.

The switch box and balun and loading coil on side of house. Switch box allows me to switch open wire feed to HF 4:1 current balun in grey box. Can fast switch from 600m to HF with open contact relay in small grey box. Long white tube is 4:1 current balun for 600m. Large white tube is PVC loading coil. #8 copper wire runs down side of brickwork to network of ground wires and 8ft ground rods to keep worms & grubs from freezing! Hi...hi...

Another view.


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