How do I stay up to date with what's happening?

We have had many requests from visitors asking to be put on an email list so they may stay up to date on happenings regarding this project and operation on 600 meters in general.

To accommodate those of you wishing to join a list, Kenneth Gordon, W7EKB/WD2XSH, has offered his 600 Meter reflector for us to use. His list is composed of the members of the original Six-Hundred Meter Research Group (SHMRG) and others who are interested in the future of 600 Meters for possible Amateur Radio use.

To join Ken's SHMRG reflector, simply click on this link and follow the directions:

PLEASE NOTE this comment about subscribing to the SHMRG list from Ken Gordon:

"I thought I should explain that everyone who attempts to subscribe to this list must be vetted by myself before the subscription is completed. The process is NOT automatic. I do this mainly to help keep spammers from getting subscribed to the list. When anyone who wishes to subscribe to this list posts their subscription request, it appears in my inbox, and I must approve or not approve the subscription before the process is completed. There is sometimes a delay of a day or two before I can get to the job and finish it, although I have been trying to check my inbox at least once daily, and sometimes more often. What brings this up is that I sometimes see the same person attempting to subscribe several times over the course of a couple of hours."

All the latest information about both Ken's SHMRG project and the ARRL 600 Meter project will be posted on this web site and on Ken's reflector.